Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've been fashioning again. I don't know why. Sometimes I just have this urge to fashion stuff. Otherwise I am so NOT a crafter. Here is my no-sew fall wreath. Isn't it so nice??
It took like five hundred hours(or like 5), but it was totally worth it.
It came at a price though. That nasty glue gun gave me what I think is a third degree burn. Also, it looks a little like ring worm to me. I know what you're thinking, I totally missed my calling as a hand model, but you gotta have priorities people. If you want one, go ahead and place your orders now and give me 500 dollars. Time is money.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Maybe because Rob thought they didn't have enough ways to beat each other up. No wonder they like Daddy the best...he fashions weapons for them. That and he's super great!!
P.S. The length of the sword may have gotten a little out of hand. I mean, the sheer volume of it!!

Anyone want to come play swords with us? I bet ours are bigger than yours.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Oh where, oh where have my babies gone, (everybody) oh where, oh where can they be? This is going so stinking fast!!
When Jaydie went to Kindergarten I "had to" have the Pottery Barn back pack with essential embroidery. Don't worry, as of today he has a full size back pack. Poor little muffin.

The boys were very excited about going to their pseudo school. While the real magic (and by magic I mean actual lessons) happens at home, they are really enjoying being in class with their buddies and doing fun stuff.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Here is one of my twin alien sons. It's kind of ironic that they would draw themselves this way considering they act like aliens on a semi regular basis.
And the other twin alien with a frown of course. That's his frown on his neck and those two little lines on the sides are his arms, in case you didn't get that.
Jaydie looks a little more human with his blue nose and green shirt. He always has to have a green shirt. Must analyze that Grammie.

In conclusion, I may have overestimated the twins' ability to make a self portrait, but these little goodies are keepers for sure. Even if they are alien-like.