Friday, January 30, 2009


"Hey...Can I give you a hug?"
Three Birthday Children.
Birthday Twins!!
Birthday Goofiness.

Birthday Buttons.
That's right, we have now visited 4 theme parks in one month. (Momma says I am turning into Minnie Mouse.) But we had to go to Disneyland for the twins birthday because they gave us free stuff. I'm far too Jewish to miss out on free stuff. Disney was kind enough to give us $120 bucks in gift cards so they could get whatever they wanted. Believe me when I say that we have Mickey paraphernalia coming out of our ears and we didn't even use it all up. We also got to take our friend Georgia for her birthday. Free stuff for everyone!!! So what do you want for your birthday (that I could buy at Disneyland with the remainder of my gift card)?

P.S. Jeremy and Noel came with us and were so helpful!! If you ever go anywhere you should take them with you. (There, now will you leave a comment Noel?)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Jan. 26th Nolie 4lbs5oz Yenner 6lbs3oz
Remember how tiny they were? What in the world happened? They are four today and they are blessed enough to be able to share their birthday with their Nana. Did you know that when the twins were newborn and I was dead-to-the-world tired that Nana, in all her servanthoodness (it's a word), would come over to my house at like 4 am to take a feeding for me so I could sleep more. She did all kinds of other great things like that. God just knew with twins and me being a sleep princess that Nana was just what I needed. Happy Birthday Nana and babies (they will always be my babies)!!! We just love you tons.

Friday, January 23, 2009


We had a little Chuck E Cheese Birthday fun yesterday for the twins who are just about four. Can you even believe that? Where does the time go? We are just so thankful for all these adorable dudes!!
Nolie lost a button so he was car-salesman Nolie today.

Did we come here for the little kids or the big kids?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We love you and we miss you and we know you will have tons of fun celebrating your 42nd birthday. That would make me like 22, right?? Just play along with me. You're the best Daddy!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sea World!! Okay, Sea World is not the winner in this particular contest but it is a winner in my book. After the July 2007 horror (I still cannot talk about it), Sea World managed to redeem itself this time with lovely weather and no people. Note to self: don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever go to Sea World (or anywhere else for that matter) on July 3rd!!
Jaydie's smile is finally coming around from scared back to just plain happy.

The winner of my little contest is.......HALLIE!!!! You nailed it with the whole cream cheese/kung fu panda analogy, (was it an analogy?) because Jaydie happens to love both those things. You can claim your candy bar when you come over today. What kind do you want? Just call me candy lady. Honorable mention goes out to all the rest of you clever people. Daddy with, "papa is the funniest man alive" and Momma with, "praise Jesus, it's almost lunch" were very close seconds, but not close enough, I guess. We all know how much our Jaydie loves his food....he gets that from me.

Friday, January 16, 2009


The twins were finally tall enough to meet the ridiculous height requirements of Legoland. Hint: don't take kids there that are not 40 in. tall yet.

The weather was delightful!! I can totally see us planting a church in San Diego; anyone want to join us?

"Look Mom, tiny people to smash."

Here is my first blog contest. Caption the above picture of Jaydie cleverly and I will give you a candy bar. How excited are you??

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Do you know anyone trustworthy, nice, reliable, upstanding, happy, rich, and in need of a house to rent (okay, they don't have to be rich, I guess)? Up for grabs is an adorable home located in beautiful westside Lancaster, with a pool. Better get it fast, this one won't last long!! Very reasonable rent and good looking homeowners. Let me know.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Are you trying not to laugh right now, because I am trying not to pee my pants. This is my model face if you couldn't tell. I really missed my calling, don't ya think?

Working it for the camera.

We're back from cruising to Mexico and stuff. Man, that was relaxing, I gotta say. Sweetie, in all his sweetness, took us away for a little r and r (how do you write that?), and it was great to sleep in till 10am. I do feel quite dizzy today though. The next item up for discussion is, I've only got a few minutes to update before we leave for our next trip to San Diego with the fam. I just wanted to throw you all a bone because I know you've been desperately bored without an update from me in the last week. By the way I was given two more cards at awana so I am at a whopping 58. Also, it wasn't really black cohosh. My friend Dena just calls it that. You shouldn't give your kids black cohosh, it's got all kinds of side affects. Just wanted to mention that in our law suit crazy society. Please don't be litigious at me, 'kay?