Friday, January 30, 2009


"Hey...Can I give you a hug?"
Three Birthday Children.
Birthday Twins!!
Birthday Goofiness.

Birthday Buttons.
That's right, we have now visited 4 theme parks in one month. (Momma says I am turning into Minnie Mouse.) But we had to go to Disneyland for the twins birthday because they gave us free stuff. I'm far too Jewish to miss out on free stuff. Disney was kind enough to give us $120 bucks in gift cards so they could get whatever they wanted. Believe me when I say that we have Mickey paraphernalia coming out of our ears and we didn't even use it all up. We also got to take our friend Georgia for her birthday. Free stuff for everyone!!! So what do you want for your birthday (that I could buy at Disneyland with the remainder of my gift card)?

P.S. Jeremy and Noel came with us and were so helpful!! If you ever go anywhere you should take them with you. (There, now will you leave a comment Noel?)


KV said...

I wouldn't mind a couple of free passes. Thanks.

guess who? said...

4 Theme parks...that's incredible!! I think that's your record, heh Miss Minnie...guess who?

noel and jeremy hartley said...

Cari, you know the way to my heart, mention me on your blog. Well this is my comment, are you happy?
( We really had fun with you guys and were glad to help!)

G-Unit said...

Umm...Noel where on God's green earth are my comments???
Wish we could have been there!

Ashley Sinatra said...

Wow, and here I thought Disney was a stickler when it came to giving away free stuff. You can get me something :D

Anonymous said...

ummm...when did you become Jewish???