Friday, December 30, 2011


 Nolie sporting a visor.  Grammie's training him up in the way he should go.
 That little white spot is the twins' "little friend". Takes me back to the days of Jaydie's "hm hm."  And below we have planking.  It's all the rage in our house. 
 Rob watching a football game.  Who knew?
 A family game where Jaydie slayed us.
 You probably couldn't tell, but angry birds are what it's all about right now.
 Rob thought these looked like reindeer turds.  He didn't have any.
 Yet another artery-clogging recipe from pinterest.  Donuts made from biscuits.  No really, they're good!!
Yenner's drawing for the day.  "This is Barfy.  All he does is just eats."  Hey, bulimia is a serious thing. 
Well, that was more like ALOT of my favorite things, but you get the picture.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


As you can see Nolie was super excited about participating in the children's choir program recently.  Overachiever of the Year Award right here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yenner is one of the goofiest kids you'll ever meet.  Although when he meets new people he seems kind of mute.  Don't be fooled.
 We got ourselves a hillbilly now.  Bummer this didn't happen before Halloween.
Here's a little something he got himself into.  Not sure what look he was going for here, but I'm not gonna judge.
One of his many faces.  In conclusion, embrace Yenner's goofiness.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


My computer has returned from the grave.  Thanks for all your prayers for me.  I couldn't have got through this time without you.  Well, kinda. Here are the pictures my Dad has been waiting for.  We have been busy; try to keep up.

 Went to a mission in Ventura.  Let the festivities begin.
 Had our annual pumpkin carving festivities.
 Halloween festivities.
 Played with a rather large stick festivities.
 Had some little buddies come visit festivities.  Are you tired of me saying festivities yet?
 Thankgiving festivites with more buddies.
If I wear that headband for too long I can feel my pulse.   How big IS my head?  Thankful festivities.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


My computer is in the shop so I thought I'd pull some pics from this other computer.  Our tv is in the shop too.  What is Jesus trying to tell us??  You don't have to answer that.

Rob was buff, Jaydie was heaty.  This explains why he wears a tank top and shorts throughout winter.

If only I could achieve that kind of flippage now.  Youth sure is fleeting.

Couldn't you just eat Jaydie's face right here?
Don't you just love a big fat baby face? 

Monday, October 24, 2011


 Aunt Hallie, being the trailblazer that she is, made Nolie his first cannoli.  He was so pumped!!  I think it may have been Nana and Papa that started calling him that when he was a baby. 
 All the boys rejoice when there's sugary goodness to be eaten.
So glad our Nolie cannoli finally got to experience his namesake. 

Friday, October 14, 2011


You just never know how any given day is gonna turn out.  This one for sure was off the charts and quite a memory maker.  Soooo many things to be thankful for along the way, but a shocker nonetheless.  

 Started off pretty innocently.  Once we found the apple orchard, it was two enthusiastic thumbs up. 
 Rob's adoring fans brace themselves for the speedy goodness.
 Well of course he recorded the whole thing.  What adrenaline junkie wouldn't?
 Right before the crash.  He crashed right where I was standing.  He says now that it was my glorious beauty that drove him into the barrier.  That's flat out blame-shifting for ya folks.
 We broke the boys in a couple times.  They were starting to forget what Daddy looked like.
 My big, strong husband was reduced to a hospital gown, oxygen tube, and epidural (at least one of us has experienced that).  Who knew a go-kart could cause so much damage? I'm an 8 again!!
 After 7 days we welcomed Daddy home with open (very gentle) arms and some signs.  We're super thankful for Jesus' provision and protection.  Also, our family and friends are the BOMB!!  Truly could not have managed without them.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


 Jesus was smiling down on us the day our Jaydie was born.  Cannot believe he's 10!!!  Hurts my heart just a tad.  Why do I feel like crying right now?
This morning he says, "goodbye 9, hello 10!!"  He's a little too excited about it for my liking.  

Our Jaydie is...kind, loving, loyal, goofy, memorizer of many Bible verses, super duper builder of things, and my sweet baby.  The end

Saturday, September 24, 2011


 This is where Daisy spends her homeschool days.  I swear she gets stepped on 12 times a day, and yet here she lays.  I guess she's not learnin' too much stuff.
 I'm learnin' how to juggle stuff as we are typically faced with one boy finishing before the other on a daily basis. 
You just sit there and look pretty Yenner.  Good job!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Blogger has been so kind as to let me make my pictures big, I feel like posting everyday.  I'll try not to be all up in your grill like that though.  Here are some things that my almost 10 (how can I have a 10 year old when I'm only 22?) has been up to.  

 Designs By Jaydie will be coming to an etsy shop near you soon.  Both of these get-ups were lovingly made by our Jaydie.  He has a gift!! 

This is how our Jaydie loaded the dishwasher.  Pretty orderly even for my freakish standards.  I only made a couple minor adjustments so I could sleep that night.  Jaydie is such a blessin'!!  We are soooo thankful for him.


Friday, September 9, 2011


This was our homeschool lesson on how caged animals sometimes behave(okay, not really).  The boys were completely overcome with laughter during this photo shoot.  Yenner has a special knack for it, I think.  Caged animals indeed.