Sunday, October 2, 2011


 Jesus was smiling down on us the day our Jaydie was born.  Cannot believe he's 10!!!  Hurts my heart just a tad.  Why do I feel like crying right now?
This morning he says, "goodbye 9, hello 10!!"  He's a little too excited about it for my liking.  

Our Jaydie is...kind, loving, loyal, goofy, memorizer of many Bible verses, super duper builder of things, and my sweet baby.  The end


Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

And very handsome! Happy Birthday Jadie!

G-Unit said... come the water works!

Grammie said...

Oh I'm crying too!! He is so special.

Rafael said...

came by yo blog searchin randomly this button "next blog"
wow it looks like a cool daddy thnak you

rsctt said...

they do grow up so fast. just ask a new grandparent, with another still in Jr. High...too fast!