Saturday, March 28, 2009


Cousin Connor is cute.
Clown Day is fun.
Jaydie and Yenner have courage.

You may have seen clown pictures already on Keri and Hallie's blog but you haven't seen them on mine, so here they are!! I'll tell you what, we get to do so much fun stuff with homeschool. A family from our church was kind enough to put on this whole clown shindig and it was so cute and neat. There were even corn dogs!!! Yenner enjoyed the whole show with goggles. Doesn't that make perfect sense?? Nolie couldn't come because of a desperately needed nap. Maybe next year Nolie.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Grammie got braces and is ecstatic at the thought of straight, non-clacking teeth. We are rejoicing with you!! Henceforth begins a dental journey like no other. 2 years should go by in a flash, don't worry Momma.
Crazy hair night at AWANA. Don't ask why we have not just one, but two Afros. Rob's alter ego is drawn to the seventies, I guess.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ahhhh, remember the days when you used to walk around with underwear over your pants? Good times.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


There was this strange non-grassy knoll where you could slide down on your zoo maps. The boys were slightly giddy.

One of the many monkeys we saw.

There is actually some wild life in this picture besides my three (and sometimes four) boys. Do you see the birds? The Santa Barbara zoo is quite quaint and you can walk down to the beach when you're done; so nice!! Thanks Grammie and Grampie for a fun, fun day. Go there and like it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


What do 100 bucks and a hole in the ground have in common?? Twins is what they have in common. The twins, in all their creative glory, thought it would be best to put rocks down a hole in the front yard. When I caught them I of course told them to stop, thinking it was only a hole for watering the plants. And since first time obedience seems only to be a pipe (no pun intended) dream in our house, they absolutely went back for more rock fun. Little did I know that they were putting rocks down the sewage system for the entire house and the casita.

So a few days later, when Dena and her family were scheduled to arrive, we noticed that all the bathrooms had overflowed. After further investigation Rob came inside and said "apparently someone's been putting rocks down the pipe," to which I replied "oh yeah." He said, "what do you mean, oh yeah?" And the rest is history. Praise Jesus for Saturday plumbers!! We didn't have to have the entire yard dug up as we first thought and we are all extra thankful to be able to use our toilets despite the twins' rock extravaganza. Just so you don't worry about our potty situation, Rob has taken extra precaution in securing the hole with plaster, zip-ties, and super glue.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What is this you see on my blog, you may be asking yourself. Yes, it's a girl. I know it's like a foreign object on this blog but try not to be too shocked. My friend Dena and her family were here visiting and stayed with us a couple days. We will not be pursuing anymore adoptions, so unless the Lord throws a girl in our laps then I will just live vicariously through my friend's daughters by buying them stuff. This green goodness on Paige is from me; isn't it awesome?? If you want me to buy stuff for your little girls then give me some money and I will be on it. As frugal as I am with my spending (I can hear Mommy and Hallie laughing right now) I'm pretty sure Rob would not approve me buying stuff for your kids too, so give me your cash please.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The reason I have taken a picture of this tree is because I am now gonna start a nature photography business. Nature doesn't talk back, that's why. Just kidding, you know what this tree means though, don't you?? It means whip out the Flonase, Zyrtec, short sleeves, and the MINI CADBURY EGGS!! I would like to officially attribute the last ten pounds on my rear to these little bites of heaven over the last several years. If you would like to contribute to my weight gain then I will gladly accept a bag or two from you.
Can you believe how adorable he is in Jaydie's glasses?? How do I get all my kids to have bad eyesight?
These little dudes are just stinking cute, that's all.
"Der my lid." If you would like more information on this quote just ask me and I will tell you a neat story. We're so proud of our little hick.
How come nobody told me how great it is to have an older child to read to the younger ones? One of the many benefits of Jaydie knowing how to read. Thank you for following me on this random journey. I will try to take more cohesive (man, that's a big word for me. Thank you AV High School) photos in the near future.