Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yenner is one of the goofiest kids you'll ever meet.  Although when he meets new people he seems kind of mute.  Don't be fooled.
 We got ourselves a hillbilly now.  Bummer this didn't happen before Halloween.
Here's a little something he got himself into.  Not sure what look he was going for here, but I'm not gonna judge.
One of his many faces.  In conclusion, embrace Yenner's goofiness.


Grammie said...

There's a reason why we named him Yenner goo...(it's kind of hillbilly sounding don't cha think?) We just need to get him some overall's and a plaid shirt!!

G-Unit said...

Well and because of the Jewish heritage grammie, right? Love that crazy dude!

binboy said...

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