Saturday, November 26, 2011


My computer has returned from the grave.  Thanks for all your prayers for me.  I couldn't have got through this time without you.  Well, kinda. Here are the pictures my Dad has been waiting for.  We have been busy; try to keep up.

 Went to a mission in Ventura.  Let the festivities begin.
 Had our annual pumpkin carving festivities.
 Halloween festivities.
 Played with a rather large stick festivities.
 Had some little buddies come visit festivities.  Are you tired of me saying festivities yet?
 Thankgiving festivites with more buddies.
If I wear that headband for too long I can feel my pulse.   How big IS my head?  Thankful festivities.


Cherianne said...

I LOVE that headband Cari! And your family is precious! AND I am thankful for you!

Grammie said...

Love all the "festivities" pictures and love each and everyone of you...

G-Unit said...

So glad you got your precious back,,,blogger has missed you!

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Yay, your back!!! I was beginning to think you gave up on the blog world! Ahhh, its so great to see your bright and smiling face along with all those cute kiddos!

Lesley said...

I love the Mario Costumes!
Just Showing some love from