Friday, January 9, 2009


Are you trying not to laugh right now, because I am trying not to pee my pants. This is my model face if you couldn't tell. I really missed my calling, don't ya think?

Working it for the camera.

We're back from cruising to Mexico and stuff. Man, that was relaxing, I gotta say. Sweetie, in all his sweetness, took us away for a little r and r (how do you write that?), and it was great to sleep in till 10am. I do feel quite dizzy today though. The next item up for discussion is, I've only got a few minutes to update before we leave for our next trip to San Diego with the fam. I just wanted to throw you all a bone because I know you've been desperately bored without an update from me in the last week. By the way I was given two more cards at awana so I am at a whopping 58. Also, it wasn't really black cohosh. My friend Dena just calls it that. You shouldn't give your kids black cohosh, it's got all kinds of side affects. Just wanted to mention that in our law suit crazy society. Please don't be litigious at me, 'kay?


The Berthiaume's said...

Toally! You should have been a model, you should look into it that good :D
Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

okay America's Next Top Model!!! You are gorgeous girl! Work it! :)
How fun for you and Rob to get away! :) I love the pics!!!
AND love the hair!!! So cute! :)

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Girl, I am so jelous! Yes, how beautiful you are and especially that you were able to get away for some R&R. I am sure you had a great time! Looking forward to seeing more picture of San Diego. (your so LUCKY!!!)

G-Unit said...

I can't believe I'm the first one to mention...litigious...what did you read on your vacation...a thesaurus?