Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So Much Goodness

Okay, so here we've got some connect four, some baseball, and some potty training. The boys are completely addicted to connect four thanks to the Gardner boys and Aunt Hallie bought a travel size for Jaydie so he doesn't have to share. Jaydie also loves baseball and I really think he has quite an arm; my little baseball pro/pastor. And last but definitely not least Nolie has conquered potty training. It was only five days but it felt like my whole life and I was convinced he would definitely have to have his stomach pumped because he wouldn't let #2 go, (I may have some overeacting issues) but at last on day #5 he did!! Tears came to my eyes and there were shouts of joy and gladness. Then he got that dragon toy that he had been dreaming of. Yenner is next and I'm sure there will be a post when that blessed day arrives.


teampischke said...

Yeah for N. You have got some bright boys if they know how to play connect four...I better get to work on Coop.

Jill said...

love the pic of the boys throwin' the ball around outside-

kirsten said...

Hi Cari!
I miss your face--we should get coffee sometime.

P.S- I like your blog & your kids are cute.