Thursday, December 25, 2008


Reading about Jesus and then having some monkey bread/birthday cake for Jesus birthday. Nolie wondered "is Jesus gonna share with us?" and then Jaydie said "is Jesus gonna be here?" We will probably start working on the concept of omnipresence in the new year. I think they're ready. The tongue in cheek is saying "sure, I'll take a picture if you give me something."
All his Christmas dreams came true when he opened this little goodie. He's working on it as I type.

Thanks to Nana and Papa for the Nerf goodness. We've been shooting each other ever since.


Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Merry Christmas Cari. Kinda funny, I made monkey bread also for Jesus birthday but, um, mine flopped. I could not get it out of the pan. (Yes, I sprayed it before.) So mine was just a lump on a plate. Hope santa brought you everything you wanted.

G-Unit said...

love that Brennan Face

teampischke said...

missed shopping with you yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I can barely see the goth in the top picture. But it looks great to me!! :) I love the Christmas pics! :) Your family is darling...just like you. :)

momma said...

Looks like the boys had their Christmas dreams come true once again.....that monkey bread looked deliciouseeeooosssoooo...Jesus must have loved it!! and I bet three little boys, mommy and daddy did too!! Love you Care, momma