Sunday, December 13, 2009


It might seem from these pictures that the boys wear these shirts alot/everyday, when in all actuality I didn't pull my camera out till the last day they were here. Am I sick or something??
We had such a nice Christmas celebration with Grammie and Grampie!! We got to see the Nutcracker (see, we have culture in the AV), open presents and eat lots. It was like perfection if you ask me. Thanks guys for everything (especially the kites which the boys ask to fly every ten minutes), let's do this again sometime.


grammie said...

Oh Care...I'm so glad you took your camera out, even if it was just for the last day!! We enjoyed every second with you guys. Hope the boys get to fly those kites soon (in Oregon)..he he...xoxoxo p.s. you know we need copies of these right?

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Love those pictures CD. You best pull that camera out! Those are wonderful memories to never be forgotten. We love seeing pictures tooo!! Thanks for sharing. Its great to see your smiling face!