Thursday, January 28, 2010


Rob looks a little squinty here, don't you think? The sun was burning his retinas; it ain't no thang. I just loved how cute those boys looked in this pic.
I love a good party theme, don't you?
How can they be five? Where has all the time gone? They will always be my babies.
Here are some of their favorites:

Best Friend: B- Jayden N- Mommy (there was no form of coercion used in this survey whatsoever, I promise)

Color: B- green N- nothing (he is a black and white kind of child)

Food: B- soup (who knew???) N- pbj and ham sandwich

Show to watch: B- Mr. Incredible N- pixar short films

Place to go: B- Oregon (mommy's gonna cry right now) N- Chili's (I don't think he really understood the question)

Sugary thing: B- candy (in general, I guess) N- chocolate

Birthday present: B- all of them N- Bionicles (sorry Hallie-kins)


teampischke said...

I am about to schedule myself an eye exam... are the twins wearing different colors.....O wait..they are actually wearing different shirts..gasp!
Happy Birthday boys!

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

5 already, Wow!!! They sure are cute young boys!

grammie said...

I don't think I can take another crying jag today. Love the pictures and the looks on their faces...where did you come up with the survey? Really cute...Send Brennan on up to his favorite place you all

CD said...

Yes Dena, I think I'm growing up.

teampischke said...

GREAT... I just made them matching shirts for their birthday....awesome.