Saturday, May 1, 2010


Just so you know what to expect when we come stay at your house, here are some of the services we offer....
1. Dig up the soil you just recently put down.

2. Send a very large castle toy sailing down the stairs in order to land violently against your tv cabinet.

3. Plug up your toilet.

4. And last but not least, leave your house in utter ruins and your bathroom with a strange smell.

Sorry Pischke's for wreaking havoc, but it sure was good to see you all and we totally appreciate your hospitality!! So when do YOU want us to come visit?


teampischke said...

Come over any time.. but maybe leave the boys with the grandparents.. HA..Don't forget the lies taught... tooth fairy.. AND the wanting to rob small children of their new toys. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

grammie said...

How bout if I pay you to write a book...I wish you'd come to our house...I don't care what the boys throw down the stairs ..I'll buy you a present. Love, Grammie