Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Chasers Wasers rooting for his favorite team. Isn't he a baby doll??
I've always known this, but Zachy is much tidier than my kids and this set of pics proves that.

I think Nolie thoroughly enjoyed his cupcake.
Nolie, just like his hat, barely hung on till the end of the season. He really could take it or leave it. Whereas Yenner put his all even into his stride.
It occurred to me that I had not posted these of their last game and they were too cute not to post. I did however forget to take pics of Jaydie's last game. I know, he'll be scarred for life. But I included this picture of him pondering stuff just for you.


grammie said...

Can't believe how big and cute baby Chasers is. And those cupcake faces - too cute!! Love the Jaydie pondering stuff pic - it's so Jaydie.

teampischke said...

OK... J looks like a man child.. OH MY. Is he 23 yet?

Missy said...

Any cupcake worth eating is worth eating right. Looks like they did the job admirably!