Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Okay, it's Grammie and Grampie's turn for the spotlight. Are you tired of Oregon pics yet? Well too bad, you're gonna have to look at them cause I think they're nice. We got to stay in two fabulous places when we were up yonder, and phase two of our stay was at hotel Grammie and Grampie.
Went to see tide pools but saw a dead sea lion and threw rocks instead. Isn't that just the same?
I am totally crunching (it's what all the cool kids are saying nowadays) on this photo of Daddy and Nonie!! LOVE it!!
Went to the beach and it was a might foggy and chilly. Didn't stop my boys though.
I'm not sure, but do you think Nolie had to go potty here? There are one million lovely walking trails where they live.

Doesn't everyone have the ocean in their backyard? That's totally normal right?

Cutest family ever award.


~Rob said...

I'm ready to go back already!

CD said...

Wait a minute Sweetie, did you just leave a comment on my blog?

G-Unit said...

I have so much to say. First, crunchin? Did you learn that on facebook? Second, love the picture of grampie and Yenner. Third, stop talking about moving. And lastly, are you allowed to give yourself the cutest family award...not sure?

CD said...

Yuh huh!! I do what I want!! I thought you knew that.

emily said...

I think you should take this show on the road. Seriously, maybe you should try out for Last Comic Standing. You'd DEFINITELY be the funniest girl! I laughed out loud for a few minutes with the Nolie pee comment. That's good stuff.

grammie said...

Oh how funny...!! I laughed so hard at the Nolie pee pee picture and thanks for finally putting the third installment up, I had to talk to the therapist about all of my abandonment issues!! and...Rob, I'm so excited you want to come back, can you come now?? It's 60 degrees up here!!

teampischke said...

AWE.. I am still a bit bitter about not getting an invite.. The pictures and the people are beautiful..
Crunchin' hmmm.. too much "So you think you can dance"?

Anonymous said...

Next time...take me with you...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!