Friday, August 27, 2010


The Fair has come to town and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of my town. No really, beneath it's dirty, stinky, and downright disgusting exterior, it's actually quite glamorous and, dare I say, AWESOME!!
What is that Carney doing in the background? You never know with those Carnies. I just love that word...Carney.
This is an outrage. Set the birds free!!
Nolie kept saying..."it smells super disgusting in here." And Jaydie couldn't stop plugging his nose. Homeschool field trip at it's finest boys.
The Star Wars displays are typically a cause of giddiness (aka peeing in the pants) at the fair.
And here we have the main attraction!! The figure eight trailer races. No really, it's super cool.

Try not to be too jealous, kay?


Mindy said...

What do you call a Mexican carney?

A carnita. :)

{Disclamer: I came up with that joke at the CA state fair years and years ago...and it is TOTALLY okay that I say it...because I'm Mexican. Just sayin'.}

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Okay,I'm really jelous! I wanna go to the fair!! So hot though!

Grammie said...

Oh my....we laughed so long and so hard about these postings. I do miss the fair. Remember when we saw that western guy one time? True blue fun!

April said...

Oh I am so sorry the girls and I missed all of the awesomeness. Maybe next time? If you really do enjoy figure 8 racing, check out the Irwindale Speedway. It is very entertaining.

CD said...

Mindy...I am sooo gonna use that some day.
Momma...I have no idea what you're talking about.
April...I hope it's okay I put a picture of your child up. Probably should have had Reid sign some sort of release form, huh? Missed seeing you though.

teampischke said...

Mindy... OH MY.. you two are fit to be friends.. but she is not Mexican..
Care.. I love the Souix Burgers at the AV fair..
you crack me up.

G-Unit said...

Trailers? I didn't know trailers were involved? You get to go to heaven it doesn't matter where you live now! Oh, and I hate the fair.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you let the boys spin the wheel for 25 cents in the Rock and Mineral Building to get a pet rock spider. And please tell me you let them make sand bottle creatures. And please tell me you sat and watched one dance routine on the AV Press stage for just plain ol good fun. And please tell me you told the boys..."I used to dance on that stage just like that but waaay better." :)