Sunday, October 24, 2010


Homeschool pure happiness. (thank you soooo much Hallie)
Homeschool PE.
Homeschool crafting.
Homeschool picnic lunch in my bedroom.
Homeschool costume day...who knew?? If I would have got the memo I would have dressed up too.


G-Unit said...

Those are Awesome! I love the last one of the boys, it toatlly shows their individual style and personality.

Grammie said...

Love these pics. Isn't it fun when they enjoy doing all of the crafts you create?

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

A whole lot of cuteness in those pictures there!

teampischke said...

Those are some HUGE googly eyes..and I know how you LOVE that caddy of organized goodness..

Anonymous said...

You should really remove that picture of Jayden - everything is working against him - the tongue, the rope, the shirt - poor kid!

Ashley Eneriz

rjjsgdc said...

I love the one of Jayden and the jump rope. Don't take it away. That's the way my tongue feels in most social circles.