Thursday, November 25, 2010


You know how families have their thing?? Well our thing apparently, is go-karts and we have like 12 of them (okay, 3 or 4. I've lost count). The boys love this activity more than I can really describe, as you might imagine. And praise Jesus, there have been no broken necks as of yet!! Would you like to join with me in praying that NEVER happens? That would be fabulous.
Hard core, official go-karters here. They'll teach you everything you need to know about go-karts.
Even with no engine in it, they are still entertained by these things. Push Yenner, Push!!
Can you see the giddiness on their faces? They have so much fun with this, you almost completely forget to be overcome by worry that they're going to injure themselves in some way. Soooo, you want a ride?? Come on over!! For reals!!


Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

That looks sooooo fun!! How cool!!

G-Unit said...

Thanks for throwing us a bone! And thanks for addicting my children!

grammie said...

That does look fun..they are almost professionals! Do you think they'll take me for a ride when I get down there??

rjjsgdc said...

I'm not showing this to my children. It would only make them sad. And I want them to be happy. . . and healthy. . . and alive. . . that kind of thing.

teampischke said...

how do the neighbors feel about all this action? I agree with rjjsgdc.. I want my kids alive.. ha