Thursday, April 21, 2011


Words that Nolie says, that I want to remember. He's starting to say them the right way and it breaks my heart. Can't he have a speech impediment his whole life?

Hosipal= hospital

Instirring= interesting

Yember= you remember

Annagina= Angelina

Agabail= Abagail

Nom= Mom

Frankensteins= Fritos

skebetti= spaghetti

Mommy-ah= Mommy

Flitball= football

Do you remember (yember) any that I'm leaving out?


Mindy said...

Frankensteins??? That's adorable!

Grammie said...

We just can't let him grow up. Those are so adorable!

teampischke said...

I might need a video to make this more real.. work on that..

evawitty1 said...

LOL.. I like Frankensteins too,to funny!

grammie said...

Daddy-a and Grammie-a