Thursday, June 9, 2011


So Nolie, who is typically my most fearful child, has shocked us to our very core by sporting some roller blades that are too big for him and jumping off of curbs and stuff. Who knew??

Good Job Nonan!!


Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Oh my, No fear!! Way to go Nolan!

G-Unit said...

Wow! Nice action shots! It's a wonder you haven't been to the emergency room yet!

Grammie said...

I think Nolie is ready for Jr. Olympics....Good job Nonie!!

emily said...

I think he's found his calling- roller derby.

aimhof said...

Hi! I have to comment on two blogs as a homework assignment for my instructional technology class.

I chose you blog because I saw your pictures and post and thought of my son!

He constantly keeps me on my toes with the outrageous things that he does. Some times I think he does it on purpose just to scare me :)