Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Jaydie was inspired by VBS and their Mr. Roboto character. As soon as he got home he went to work and actually made suits for the brothers too. Now, Mr. Roboto was actually the bad guy. Should I be concerned?
Jaydie also fell on his death board, I mean rip stick, and sprained his wrist we think. So he walks around with his hand in the air (and waves it around like he just don't care. Sorry, there are always lyrics in my head).
Here's our pitiful excuse for water play. The boys are officially saving up for a pool, and also a two story house. Our single story just isn't cutting it for them.
Turns out it's fun to grow stuff. Here's our tallest sunflower which is actually taller than me.


Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, I love the pool picture that is to funny!! I planted a sunflower too, its the only thing I can grow besides weeds!

G-Unit said...

The only reason they want a two story is so they can jump into the pool from the top...they're just thinking ahead.

Ashley said...

How fun and too funny!

Grammie said...

Well, haven't looked at the blog in a while. Cute pics and commentaries once again. Sorry about passing along the song in your head genes. Oh, and that creamy Mac is so delish!!

Grammie said...

Jaydie makes a perfect Mr. Roboto.