Saturday, May 12, 2012


We were fortunate enough to be able to go to Hawaii for 7 days.  I tell you what, we were really suffering for Jesus over there.  We are praying about becoming missionaries to Kauai.  They need Jesus too you know.  I took 5 million pictures, so I'm gonna break this up into three parts.  People, beaches, and scenery that looks fake.  Let the show begin..

I'm fairly certain they were in some body of water or another more than they were out of it.  Can we say water logged?
Oh shave ice, sweet shave ice.  Where have you been all our lives?
Went to a real nice church while we were there.  It was lovely.
The Fern Grotto.  Or on the way up to it.  
Jaydie needed a nap in a bad way toward the end of the trip.  

Did I post too many?  Sorry, I got a little excited.  


Grammie said...

Love all of these people and posts...feel like we're still there!! God is so good to us!!

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

you need to post more pictures!!! Looks like sooooo much fun!!!!!

G-Unit said...

Here I am! Glad you're back! And you look pretty!

teampischke said...

umm is your child wearing a character shirt in paradise?
Jaydens smile is awesome, only thing I see missing is a tank top.

CD said...

And I will make sure to hand all my tank tops down to you some day. You're welcome!!