Friday, August 2, 2013


 They get a tad insane at the hotel after being in the car all day.
 Papa and Nana's resort.  Amazing!

 They got to shoot 1 million bb's.
 They got to play in the river.
 She got the pink memo.
 They got to ride motorized things.
 They got to go down water slides.

 Papa gave them chocolate muffins and chocolate milk every morning.  Hence the goofiness.

 They got to kayak.  Boys paradise I tell ya!!
 They got to hang with cousins.

And bestly, we got to be with Nana and Papa for 6 whole days!!  Thank you guys for being the best hostesses ever!


G-Unit said...

Looks like you had fun! I love that one of you and Molly!

Grammie said...

This was really a cute set of pictures Care. We had a great time and Daddy and Mother Mol are always such a lovely host and hostess. The boys had so much fun. They love Oregon in he summer!!