Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Rob's work had their annual end of summer BBQ and they just happen to have almost a million fun bounces (okay, like 7). We released the children from their harnesses (I mean seatbelts) and didn't see them the rest of the evening. It was just plain fun for the whole family.

The Heflebower's cute girl Isabella. Jaydie and Nolie (especially Nolie) have a special love for baby Naomi. No we don't need another baby.


KV said...

Looks like fun! Those boys are so sweet with that baby. I think they are ready for a sibling now :)

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

I think you are good and ready for another baby now all the kidos are potty trained. You are just to much of a cool, fun mom not to have another one.

teampischke said...

they LOVE babies... how sweet... ok.. are they too young to look so big?