Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, Jaydie had to have an impromptu photo shoot too. I suppose by making him take pictures I am completely negating the impromptuness of it. He is just so cute and my picture-taking skills are just so neat that the two must go together (and humble too). Also, as a little side note, you need to go to this blog where I have found (as if I needed another blog to be addicted to) the perfect combination of both spirituality and sarcasm; two of my favorite things. I must warn you though that if you go to the beginning and read the whole story you will be weeping within 12 seconds. It is equally funny and heart wrenching (maybe a bit more heart wrenching). See you around.


Anonymous said...

I'm telling should be a writer!! How cute is our little Jaydie?? GREAT PIX once again...Love, Momma

Anonymous said...

Im loving your blog and your pics and your honesty!!! MORE! MORE! MORE!
:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Care!! Ive been bawling my eyes out now for the past 2 hours since reading the blog you suggested! Wow! Puts things in perspective for me...thats for sure!! :) :) :) Love ya friend!

Anonymous said...

Ok...I just read through her whole blog...under 4 hours and thats with dinner and some potty breaks! :)
I love how God works through us! I needed that BIG dose of encouragement today! Thanks for suggesting it to us!!! It ministered to me more than you know!!!
I love ya Care!!!

teampischke said...

Happy Birthday Jayden..