Saturday, October 4, 2008


Oh yes, our baby is now the big 7 and to celebrate we went to Disneyland. Jaydie got to fight the dark lord Darth Vader (again) and got to go on Screamin' with Daddy (the only person he would go with). We got him a birthday button and all the employees kept saying "happy birthday, Jayden" and he would say "oh thank you." It was super cute!! And of course Jaydie's best buddy came with him to make the day complete. For these next photos I had my professional photographer Hallie along to capture the moments.


teampischke said...
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teampischke said...

I love the pic of him holding up seven fingers while know so when we are old we can rely on the pic to tell us and not our memory... good thinking!

kirsten said...

Too cute! Taking over Disneyland one Star Wars show at a time! <3 ya