Saturday, November 1, 2008


In order to try and spiritualize halloween Rob carves a pumpkin and reads this little book, The Pumpkin Gospel. The kids get really into it. They even plug their noses when Rob scoops out the mushy gushies like God cleans out our sin (that's an actual line from the book). This year it was fun to have our Gardners over for the carving ceremonies. Anyhow, you should go and get the book. No doubt it's half price now; you gotta think ahead people!!

Okay, so maybe this part isn't so spiritual. We carved the pumpkin into a dragon. Aren't dragons biblical?


Anonymous said...

Heck yes they are! Haven't you heard of the seven headed dragon? I forget where its at...either Revelation or Isaiah! haha
Anyways...great idea! I LOVE that book and I LOVE that you and Rob share it every year with your kids! Such a great tradition!
Now, hurry up and post some costume pics!!!

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Thanks for that halloween idea cd. I will go out and buy one for next year. thanks for sharing.

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

P.s. I like your family halloween picture on the right hand side of blog, cute!!

The Berthiaume's said...

That's really cute! Your boys are soooo cute!!! And you too :)

teampischke said...

that pumpkin is awesome..Rob's got talent.