Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This baby wants to call Daddy everyday.
This baby had to go to urgent care, not for the swine flu, but an ear infection and maybe a touch of pneumonia. Which one of your kids at church gave this to him?? Not mad, just curious.This baby probably has what the other baby has. Anyone have any extra antibiotics lying around? Anyone want to hang out with us?? We'll be home Friday.
So here we are Sweetie (with the exception of me, but you know what I look like...an angel). Remember these monkeys?? They will be home and wreaking havoc soon enough. And as a special gift to you from me I promise not to go to the outlet mall for the third time. You're welcome!! Love you and see you soon.


Anonymous said...

I miss you all terribly! Thank you for updating the blog so I could see what everyone's been doing. I'll find the culprit that gave Yenner an earache! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

KV said...

Yeah, come back! You can leave the germs there though please. We aren't the culprits, thank goodness. We were gone too. See you soon.

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Did you take an airplane or drive? If you drove, KUDOS to you!!! I-yi,yi. I wish I was that brave. Perhaps one day. :0)

G-Unit said...

So cute! And thoughtful! Can't wait to see you! Except, with all the influenza it might have to wait till June!