Friday, June 26, 2009


The children just love Uncle Christer. They say "Uncle Christer is funny." Now that's a huge compliment when you consider how goofy these dudes are.
Rob is of course training them up in the way they should go with his Bible Application on the iphone. You'd think I was selling the iphone the way I keep endorsing it on my blog; I'm not, really.

Christer makes stuff up. It says so on his shirt. Yes, Christer is also gifted comically (in case you were wondering). If only he had the looks like I do. P.S. I had just finished VBS for the week. That explains the shirt and the haggard look on my face.
Aren't all these boys just so handsome?? Say yes.


grammie said...

Wow, that was fast...really cute pics!! Great camera - maybe when I'm rich like you guys, I'll get oneof those!! Love you, momma

Anonymous said...

Im so distracted by your awesome tuxedo shirt. Wearing that shirt're ready to party!