Monday, March 22, 2010


Holy Cow!! My baby is huge and totally adorable!!
His super cute best buddy.

Here he is "in position." I bet you've never seen this sweet move before. Well you will now. Our Jaydie is a trend setter for sure.
I guess Jaydie didn't get the memo that serious baseball players don't smile. Jaydie is definitely a seasoned pro this year. We have been on the look-out for talent scouts and we're fairly certain he'll be picked up by the major leagues any day. Honestly, this is just so much fun!!


Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Look at those two!! Tooo cute! My gosh they are so big now! Time is going by just wayyyyy to fast!

The Berthiaume's said...

Super cute! It's so fun that they get to play together. I am a teensy bit jealous of how warm it looks there.

Grammie said...

Absolutely adorable that Jaydie and Pearson. Love them both!! Maybe they will be picked for that AV league that plays at the stadium.

Grammie said...

PS...."The position" is just priceless.

teampischke said...

cute buddies... jealous that all your boys have built in friends.