Sunday, March 14, 2010


Nolie in a fort.
Yenner in a fort.
Every extra blanket I've ever owned in a fort.
And Jaydie in a fort.

Grammie gave them the okay to bring out all the linens in the house to make a fort out of our swingset. They also brought out their tooth brushes, pillows, toys, and hats in hopes that I would let them "live in there." It was a big step for me and my anality to allow something like this (maybe I'm growing up), but I'm glad I did.


Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Ha! Love it!! Now they didnt crawl on the top of the roof to put the car and cooler there to hold the linens did they? You truly are a coooolll mom!!!

KV said...

What do you mean no girls? What about poor Nikki? It's okay, I understand. Guess I'm not brave enough to let her up there anyways huh:)

grammie said...

So proud of you Care...they had such fun..that's what little boys are made of. You should let them do that more often, then you could spend more time updating your blog.

G-Unit said...

Wow, all those blankets outside. That's some extra laundry, huh?

teampischke said...

Hallie hit the nail on the head... the laundry.. my nemesis.. the reason I don't let my kids play fort.. you are a great mama! Do you have your own sweat shop? Or do they expect you to do all the laundry?