Wednesday, February 9, 2011


These two girls have had birthdays this month and these two girls are reeeeaaaal special to me. And not just cause they're my best friends, but also because we're all headed to the geriatric unit together. How old are we??? Both of these gals...
1. Love Jesus
2. are smart and gorgeous
3. have 3 boys
4. are fabulous chefs
5. live to serve me (well, maybe only in my dreams)
6. understand that gifts are my love language
7. are funnier than all get out.

I love you girls TONS!!! Sorry you had to share a post. That's what you get for having your birthday in the same month.


G-Unit said...

I'm a real dork. A double chinned, 35 yr old, dorkity dork. Can I get a witness?

grammie said...

Schmoopie..I'm going to charge you $1 every time you say those things about someone I LOVE...Love both of your gal pal's Care. You're a good friend picker!!

teampischke said...

Way to represent me in my skinny days...
Hallie... I am apparently a member of the yellow teeth club..
Happy Birthday Hallie... we do pick good friends..
xoxo Care!

Mindy said...

I love that picture of Dena and Paige!!

CD said...

Geeez girls, a dash of self-confidence might do you good.

G-Unit said...

So, no witnesses then, huh?
And Dena, yellow teeth club, how bout the "should have had braces...hate my teeth club?" I'm just saying.

G-Unit said...

I failed to mention...thank you. You are SO sweet to say such nice things. I appreciate you and I don't mind sharing with Dena...she's good people :)