Friday, February 4, 2011


Let's see, something to blog about. Ummm well, I've been sick for what seems like my whole entire life and this cough is just not so glamorous anymore (you don't want to know). The boys have had to entertain themselves even more than normal so here is what they've been up to.
I found Jaydie outside like this a couple times. He says, "it's just so nice out." He's got ALOT to contemplate.

The twins wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and have a room time "with the baby gate." And since my philosophy tends to be, whatever my babies want, I indulged them. (indulged? not sure if that's good English)
Lastly, they have been playing FAR too many video games for my liking. All in the name of, whatever it takes to get through the day. Donkey Kong is educational, right??

P.S. Hallie and Momma have been indispensable during my time of need. Thank you girls sooo much. And Sweetie slept on the couch so I could cough all over the whole bed. You all are such a blessin'!!


G-Unit said...

WOW, you're ain't no thang!

G-Unit said...

That's not a suprised I can't believe you're sweet WOW, it's a that was SO nice, thank you WOW. Just in case you can't sense the tone!

grammie said...

That was a funny one Care...ha ha ha. So funny what the kids thought up. Oh, and thanks for the honorable mention...I love you though, so that's why I want to take care of you when your sickly.

teampischke said...

just in case any of my bff's read your blog..
I would like some dinner.. I have been sick all week too.
No mushrooms or chicken on a bone ...please...and thank you.

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

awww,no fun!!! Hope you feel better!! Thanks taking the time to roll out of bed to blog!! Oh wait, you have kids, there is no such thing as rest when kids are around. Feel better soon!