Thursday, March 10, 2011


Our Yenner Goo is kind of intense. He does everything with a little more gumption than the other boys. So his accidents are more exaggerated as well. His most recent road rash is courtesy of his scooter and the outside of the bathroom wall at Rawley Duntley Park. It started off looking fairly harmless.
But then it morphed into a more crusty version, as scrapes tend to do.

And then he ripped his shirt to shreds somehow on the swing. Impressive, right??
Even his stance is intense. We love our little Goo!!


teampischke said...

Yenner... poor love..
P.S.. could you please talk to him about how he treats other peoples future clothing.. thanks.

Sarah-Wife, Mother, Friend, Writer said...

Oh, that poor kiddo! That scrape looks wicked! :(


Ashley said...

I am pretty sure you have the most opposite twins in the world.

gramie said...

Yenner is like Lou Ferigno (you know Kevin James neighbor on King of Queens. He's just strong like that.

G-Unit said...

You failed to mention that he chucked a water bottle at my face. Of course, I was the instigator!