Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 It's a big birthday month for us.  Papa turned 49 (is that the number you gave me Daddy?) this year.  Happy Birthday Papa!!
 The triplets all turned 7 this month.  So thankful for our besties.

 Nana is fortunate enough to share a birthday with the twins too.  Happy Birthday Nana!!
Really in complete denial that these little babies are 7.  Why does everything happen to me?  Super duper thankful for them though!!


G-Unit said...

hear come the waterworks...and the meat sweats :)

Rob said...

The missing tooth, bent ear, and Angry Bird hat...awesome!!!

Grammie said...

Love this post!! Happy Birthday to all our January babies/oldies...

Gina Gao said...

nice blog! keep it up!

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Maa said...

sweet children! :)
Greetings from Polish!
Welcome to my blog!