Monday, April 13, 2009


We had such a nice Easter what with church, family, friends, and eggs coming out of our ears (not necessarily in that order). I managed to take several hundred pictures so buckle up Easter peeps, you're in for an extended blog session.
I don't usually include so many pictures of myself but don't you think I was kind of a vision on this day?? You better say yes.
Yenner is finishing off a cake ball which didn't taste as bad as it looked apparently.

Grammie's annual Easter cross cake is always a treat. Thanks Grammie!!
Our traditional Easter egg festivities with the bestest buddies ever.


KV said...

Great pictures, looks like a fun day. Cari,you look smashing as always.

grammie said... was really a fun day!! Thanks again. We loved it...and we love you guys too!!

G-Unit said...

You definitely are a vision!! So are your cute little monkeyS!

emily said...

Let's see.. you called yourself a vision, Hallie repeated it, KV said you look "smashing" so I'll look Radiant, simply Radiant.

The Heflebower's said...

I would describe you as pulchritudinous...I found this great word that describes you on a dictionary website. It totally fit you :)

teampischke said...

If I had the energy I would look up this big word...pulchritudinous..hmmm
anyhow.. I love seeing your smiling face on your blog... makes me feel like we live closer..
PS.. your kids are cute too!