Thursday, October 8, 2009


At the parkie.
In the yardie.
With our babyie.
Having some foodie.
Oh yeah, and this is just gross (ie).

Did I ever tell you that we end everything with an "ie"? Well, we do, and we learned it from Grammie (see, there it is again). Whether it's milkie in the morning or nigh nightie at night, we prefer to add an extra syllable to our words. Because it's fun and it makes us happy, that's why.

Sweetie, Cari, Grammie, Jaydie, Nolie, and Yenner Goo (I don't know what happened here. There was a breakdown in the system.)


grammie wammie said...

You are so goofie woofie carie warie...had such a gratie watie timie withie you guys..luvie mommie

teampischke said...

you really are not gonna tell us the story behind the mouth "thingie"...?

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

Cute photos, cute kids!

Rob said...

The mouth "thingie" is what happens when you're goofing around instead of sleeping. We never found out exactly what happened, but our best guess involved facial contact with bunk bed. Oh well...hopefully lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!!!!! :) :) :)