Friday, October 2, 2009


Jaydie took this high quality photo of Momma and I. I think he may have a future in photography; what do you think?
Don't you just love how everyone is coordinating in this picture. I mean, even Grammie's purse, and we didn't even plan it. I think it was God ordained.
Although this picture isn't the best, it really captures the moment. Here they are running to embrace each utter. Believe me, the tears were already flowing here.
Jaydie made this signage for Grammie. Can you see what it says?? "Welcome to are state agian!" Isn't that so funny?? I'm still laughing about it.

At long last I've finally got something to blog about. Momma has come and we are soooo thankful. A big thank you sent out to Grampie for letting her go and Nana and Papa for dropping her off at the airport. I do want to apologize though because we are not going to be sending her back. Sorry about that.


Rob said...

Hukd on fonics dun gud fer me :)

grammie said...

Yes, I think I might have to stay, Care....I've had such a wonderful time so far. Thanks for everything and the boys are so adorable. Love you all!

Little codster and Miss Ashley said...

My gosh, I almost started crying when I saw that picture. Nothing like little ones seeing thier Grammy again. That is so sweet! Glad she is able to visit and spend time with you.

KV said...

Oh so sweet!

teampischke said...

I got teary reading this.. must be the hormones. What a sweet reunion for the birthday boy.

G-Unit said...

So Fun! I'm glad you are not giving her back!