Friday, October 2, 2009


Here is my baby 8 year old!! What in the world? His tooth is hanging on for dear life, I don't know if you can tell. Oh the joys of being an 8 year old.
This picture is silly and a little scary.
Our little buddies met us for birthday donuts.
What was I thinking taking a picture when there's a donut in front of the child.

One of many embraces between these two.

Happy Birthday Baby!! We are so thankful for you Bub!!


grammie said...

YES, we ARE thankful for you Jaydie Wadie!! It's so fun to be here for your you, grammie

KV said...

Happy Birthday Jayden! What a cute bunch of boys. So excited to see grammie back for a while!

The Berthiaume's said...

Oh how cute! Happy late Birthday jadie!

G-Unit said...

Thanks for inviting us to doughnuts! I think my kids were mostly uneffected by the sugar!

Denise said...

Just catching up on your blog...thought I'd let you know I stopped by. You're pretty funny, ya know that? (Actually, I know that you already know that). And you did a good job of having cute kids. BTW...Dry Town is not just closed early for the season.