Friday, May 13, 2011


We're growing sunflowers, or trying to, but something is eating the leaves to shreds. What is it? This pic was taken before the leaf was gone, but you can see where it's starting. Is it that rat Rob saw?

The one on the left is from this year. I love the progression here.
Also, my back tires seem to be magnets for the boys' things. I have run over multiple items now, including but not limited to, hot wheels, scooters, bikes, skateboards, helmets etc. Apparently it's my responsibility to make sure there's nothing there and buy new things when I ruin the old ones. The boys didn't get the memo saying that's not gonna happen. Bummer.


Mindy said...

(A) It could be anything, but probably not the rat. It looks more like caterpillar or snail damage. The snails come out at night, so get out there with your maglight and suds-filled bucket. Show those slimy suckers who is the boss!

(B) At least you just ran over kid paraphernalia---not an actual kid. It could be worse.

grammie said...

Woah...Mindy is a gardner. Take her advice Care...we can't lose the veggies! We need the fiber! Yes, and very good the boys do not stick to the tires.

G-Unit said...

Randomness at its finest! Praying for you grammie!

grammie said...

Thank you for the prayers're so sweet!! And you are too Care...Love you, and thank you for all of the great care. Don't know what I would have done without you!! God is so good.

rjjsgdc said...

Looks like slugs to me. Someone once told me to leave a little beer out in a shallow dish overnight and they will drown in it. Later, I figured out their remedy was really so they could drink the other 90% of the beer. Funny.