Friday, May 20, 2011


Yenner had a run in with the hair clippers...AGAIN!! I thought, having boys, that I would be immune to this. I thought wrong. Remember this and this?
This here is a mystery. How is it that just 4 days before my car was spotless? They are mess masters for sure.
The twins made these birds with Aunt Hallie and this is how I found it. Safety first boys, safety first!!

Last on the list of shenanigans is their latest bust-a-rhyme, and it goes like this...

Sammy ate a booger and it tastes like sugar.
Put it in a pot, and it tastes like snot.
He went to the store to buy some more,
How many pieces do you wish?

My carefully crafted homeschool bubble was for sure "determinated" with the whole middle finger incident, but still, I had high hopes for the future. I don't need to send my kids to school to learn this stuff, I've got neighbors. That is all I have for you.


grammie said...

When did they come up with that RAP, Are they listening to LaCray too?? Oh my...and Yenner with the hair "issues"..he might need to see someone for that.

Anonymous said...

Safety first-love it!

G-Unit said...

baby, baby, baby, oh baby....

teampischke said...

yenner... do you watch him? he is like a 4 year old.. good grief?